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Thanksgiving Hours...

Our offices will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28, 2014. We will re-open all four offices on Monday, December 1st at 8:00am.

Feel free to take our Thanksgiving quiz. We will post the answers this weekend. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

Spotlight attorneys

Andrew J. Welch, III Andrew J. Welch, III Andy Welch specializes in environmental law, real estate, and zoning. In 2010, Mr. Welch was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives and serves on the Judiciary Committee, Education Committee, and Committee on Children & Youth. He served as the 2010 Chairman for the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Read more » L. Scott Mayfield L. Scott Mayfield Scott Mayfield specializes in wills and estate planning, probate, civil litigation, local government law, property tax appeal, powers of attorney for health care and living wills. Mr. Mayfield manages the Barnesville, Georgia office in Lamar County. Read more »
David M. Waldroup David M. Waldroup David Waldroup is a member of the Henry County Bar Association. Mr. Waldroup specializes in business formation, trusts and estates, church law, local government and public sector entities, and education law. His office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more » R. Brian Strickland R. Brian Strickland Brian Strickland specializes in general civil litigation, business law, and family law. Mr. Strickland was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2012. His office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more »
Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman is an expert in DUI defense. Chris Chapman was previously a law enforcement officer and prosecutor in Henry County. Chris is a past president of the Henry County Bar Association. His office is in Stockbridge, Georgia. Chris Chapman offers free consultations on DUI cases. Read more » Grant McBride Grant McBride Grant McBride specializes in real estate litigation, eminent domain / condemnation, family medical and leave act (FMLA) and workers' compensation. Grant works in our McDonough Georgia office. Read more »
Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana Ransaw specializes in landlord / tenant law, employment law, local governments and public sector entities, and general civil litigation. She works in the McDonough, GA office. Read more » Janet Scott Janet Scott Janet Scott specializes in criminal law, education law, employment law, and insurance defense. Janet previously litigated teacher termination hearings, including cases involving the CRCT cheating problem within the Atlanta Public School District. Read more »
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Latest from our blogs

Our attorneys frequently post articles pertaining to legal matters, news comments and free legal advice. You can read and follow their postings on our blogs. Below are the latest posts in all of our blogs. Click the links to read the full post.

Employment Law

Who is eligible for FMLA?

Read this to learn more about who is eligible to take Family Medical Leave, what qualifies as a "serious health condition" and more.

Can I Get Fired for Using Social Media at Work?

The use of social media at work can be a complicated area of employment law that touches on major pillars of our legal system and our economy.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

The specifics of your non-compete agreement may affect your business and your career. At what point does an employees’ ambition cross the line into stealing trade secrets?

Workers' Compensation

Workers Compensation Claims in Georgia Due to Overuse and Repetitive Work

Work does not need to be strenuous to cause injury. Common symptoms of injuries due to overuse include pain, numbness, weakness, tingling and burning and may require surgery and time off of work to recover.

How Employers Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries

It's estimated that over 90% of eye injuries are preventable with protective eyewear. Employers can prevent most eye injuries by taking these three important steps.

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Injuries Among Older Workers

Proactively addressing worker’s compensation among the aging workforce is a smart move that will pay off in dividends.

DUI and Criminal

Thanksgiving is a High Risk Time for DUIs in Henry County, Georgia

The “Click It or Ticket” program primarily focuses on seat belt enforcement. However, it also addresses DUIs and other infractions at roadblocks and on patrol.

Drunk and Disorderly Conduct in Georgia

Disorderly conduct is only a misdemeanor in Georgia, however penalties can include a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail.

What to do at a Police Checkpoint

Here is valuable advice from an experienced attorney who also spent six years in law enforcement on what to do if you encounter a police roadblock.

Real Estate

Supreme Court Ends "Witness Only Closings"

As it turns out, The Georgia Supreme Court agrees that these types of closings are bad business.

Top 5 Things To Know Before Co-signing a Lease with your College-Aged Child

You may be under pressure to quickly co-sign a lease, but it’s important to protect yourself and your family from financial harm in the long term.

How a Real Estate Attorney May Help with your Divorce

If your divorce involves the transfer of a house or land in the state of Georgia, you may benefit from consulting with a real estate attorney.

Family Law

Commonly Asked Questions about Child Custody in Georgia

Georgia law regarding child custody can be complicated, but we're here to help.

Child Support in Georgia

The end of a marriage does not mean the end of a relationship with the children. Parents are still expected to provide financial and emotional support for their children, and failure can lead to legal action.

How Unmarried Fathers Can Establish Legal Rights

Modern, non-traditional families come in many shapes and sizes, however the legal definitions associated with certain parental rights are very specific. Here's how unmarried fathers can establish their rights as a parent.

Why Stockbridge Residents Applying for Social Security Disability Attorney (SSDI) Should Consult with an Attorney

According to recent numbers released by Social Security, only 33 percent of disability claims were initially approved. This low approval rate makes it more important than ever to present a compelling case for benefits.

The Difference Between Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSDI and SSI are completely different programs with different eligibility requirements.

Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) for Veterans

Read this to learn more about symptoms commonly associated with PTSD, and how to qualify for SSDI with a PTSD diagnosis.