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An award-winning team of seasoned law professionals comprises the law firm of Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC. Our attorneys offer aggressive, comprehensive legal services that make a positive impact on the lives of their clients.

Smith, Welch, Webb & White attorneys frequently post useful information
about a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, family law,
criminal law and real estate. Scroll down to see our latest blog posts at
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Spotlight attorneys

John P. Webb John P. Webb John Webb specializes in personal injury: car accidents, tractor trailer litigation, and has appeared as a guest commentator, providing legal opinions for CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. His office is in Stockbridge, Georgia. Read more » Andrew J. Welch, III Andrew J. Welch, III In 2010, Mr. Welch was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives and serves on the Judiciary Committee, Education Committee, and Committee on Children & Youth. He served as the 2010 Chairman for the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on Congressman Lynn Westmoreland's Transportation and Aviation Advisory Council. Read more »
L. Scott Mayfield L. Scott Mayfield Scott Mayfield specializes in estate planning and probate, wills, powers of attorney for health care and living wills. Mr. Mayfield manages the Barnesville, Georgia office in Lamar County. Read more » Andrew J. Gebhardt Andrew J. Gebhardt Andrew Gebhardt specializes in personal injury, car accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death claims, tractor trailer accidents, dog bites, premises liability, slip/trip and falls, insurance disputes and criminal defense. Read more »
Santana T. Flanigan Santana T. Flanigan Santana Flanigan is an expert in employment law and workers' compensation. Mr. Flanigan also serves as a Judge for the City of Stockbridge. His office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more » Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman specializes in DUI defense. Mr. Chapman was previously a law enforcement officer and prosecutor in Henry County. His office is in Stockbridge, Georgia. Chris Chapman offers free consultations on DUI cases. Read more »
Elizabeth Pool Elizabeth Pool Elizabeth Pool specializes in divorce, family law, adoption, tax appeals, and civil litigation. She offers free consultations on divorce cases. Her office is in Jackson, Georgia. Read more » Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana Ransaw specializes in Divorce, Adoption, Family Law, Local Governments and Public Sector Entities, and Civil Litigation. She works out of the McDonough, GA office. Read more »
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Latest from our blogs

Our attorneys frequently post articles pertaining to legal matters, news comments and free legal advice. You can read and follow their postings on our blogs. Below are the latest posts in all of our blogs. Click the links to read the full post.

Personal Injury Blog

Top 5 Ways to Prevent a Slip and Fall Accident in your Home

Under Georgia law, homeowners have an obligation to make sure their property is reasonably safe for visitors.

How to Keep Young Drivers Safe this Spring Break

Young drivers and crowded cars can be a dangerous combination. It’s a good time for parents in metro Atlanta to take precautionary measures.

“Safer Teen Car” includes a Computer Parent

The NHTSA tested the "Safer Teen Car," which includes technology designed to provide instant feedback, much like a parent would.

Employment Law

Guidelines on Religious Dress and Grooming in the Workplace

Here are helpful examples that can be applied to real-life circumstances faced by employees and employers.

Minimum Wage Laws May Not Apply

Minimum wage standards affect more than 130 million workers in this country, however, this legal requirement does not apply to everybody.

Make the Office Holiday Party Work for You

Your office party may be held off-site and after hours, but rules still apply. Here are some tips on how to have fun while staying out of trouble.

DUI and Criminal

DUI’s and St Patrick’s Day Weekend

Drivers in the metro Atlanta area should not depend on the luck of the Irish to get home safely. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and enjoy this St. Patty’s Day.

How a DUI Conviction Can Affect your Life

A DUI conviction is a serious offense in Georgia, and can affect your ability to resume normal activities at work and home.

Defending the Veteran in Criminal Courts

Veterans are entering the criminal justice system as defendants in disproportionate numbers to the general population. Those who have served and protected us deserve the best defense available.

Real Estate

Risks of DIY or Generic Real Estate Contracts

Many Georgia homeowners are resourceful do-it-yourselfers, but DIY and generic real estate contracts can leave you vulnerable to very expensive problems.

Buying a Home or Refinancing? Here’s How the "Good Funds Law" May Affect your Closing

Typically the new legal requirements are met with a bank wire transfer, but there are four exceptions to this rule.

Attention New Homeowners: Important Information about Tax Savings

If you bought your home in 2013, here is important information about how to file for homestead tax exemption.

Family Law

Divorce and the Digital Trail

The vast majority of divorce cases now include evidence collected from social media and networking sites.

Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Almost 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and that rate goes up for successive marriages. Here are the top reasons given for divorce in the US.

January marks the start of “Divorce Season”

Creating a good framework before filing for divorce can help ease the fear and anxiety that comes with heading to court.

What are “Compassionate Allowances?”

“Compassionate Allowances” are medical conditions that qualify for special exceptions with the SSDI process.

How to Approach the SSDI Application Process

I have helped many Georgians successfully compile their SSDI applications, and here's a list of 5 things you need when applying for SSDI.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability?

Here are some guidelines about who is eligible for SSDI benefits, and how we can help.