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Practice Area Spotlight

Workers' Compensation...July is “Eye Injury Prevention Month,” which is an event designed to help raise visibility to a very important topic.  More than 2,000 eye injuries happen every day and half of those injuries occur in the workplace.  Attorney Will White's latest blog post discusses preventing eye injuries. 

Smith, Welch, Webb & White attorneys specialize in workers' compensation.  Click here to view our workers' compensation practice area which contains useful information, questions and answers, and a link to our workers' compensation blog post. We offer a free initial consultation on workers' compensation cases.

Spotlight attorneys

John P. Webb John P. Webb John Webb specializes in car accidents, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle wrecks, slip & fall, and product liability. John Webb has appeared as a guest commentator, providing legal opinions on personal injury for CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. His office is in Stockbridge, Georgia and he offers free consultations on personal injury cases. Read more » William A. White William A. White William White specializes in condemnation litigation for both condemnors and property owners. William White also handles workers' compensation cases and handles matters including litigation for the Henry County Board of Education and the Henry County Water Authority. His office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more »
David M. Waldroup David M. Waldroup David Waldroup is a member of the Henry County Bar Association. Mr. Waldroup specializes in business formation, trusts and estates, church law, local government and public sector entities, and education law. His office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more » Andrew J. Gebhardt Andrew J. Gebhardt Andrew Gebhardt specializes in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, tractor trailer wrecks, dog bites, slip and fall, insurance disputes and criminal defense. His office is in Stockbridge GA. Read more »
Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman Christopher Chapman is an expert in DUI defense. Chris Chapman was previously a law enforcement officer and prosecutor in Henry County. His office is in Stockbridge, Georgia. Chris Chapman offers free consultations on DUI cases. Read more » Megan Pearson Megan Pearson Megan Pearson specializes in civil litigation, criminal defense, employment and domestic law. Megan’s civil experience includes contract disputes, land lord tenant disputes, and defense of employers in benefit claims appeals. Her office is in McDonough, Georgia. Read more »
Grant McBride Grant McBride Grant McBride specializes in real estate litigation, eminent domain / condemnation, family medical leave act (FMLA) and workers' compensation. Grant works in our McDonough Georgia office. Read more » Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana C. Ransaw Lajuana Ransaw specializes in landlord / tenant law, employment law, local governments and public sector entities, and general civil litigation. She works in the McDonough, GA office. Read more »
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Latest from our blogs

Our attorneys frequently post articles pertaining to legal matters, news comments and free legal advice. You can read and follow their postings on our blogs. Below are the latest posts in all of our blogs. Click the links to read the full post.

Employment Law

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

The specifics of your non-compete agreement may affect your business and your career. At what point does an employees’ ambition cross the line into stealing trade secrets?

Guidelines on Religious Dress and Grooming in the Workplace

Here are helpful examples that can be applied to real-life circumstances faced by employees and employers.

Minimum Wage Laws May Not Apply

Minimum wage standards affect more than 130 million workers in this country, however, this legal requirement does not apply to everybody.

Workers' Compensation

How Employers Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries

It's estimated that over 90% of eye injuries are preventable with protective eyewear. Employers can prevent most eye injuries by taking these three important steps.

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Injuries Among Older Workers

Proactively addressing worker’s compensation among the aging workforce is a smart move that will pay off in dividends.

The Benefits of Involving Employees in Safety Inspections

Whether you are kicking off the new year, or the second half of the school year, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your safety programs.

DUI and Criminal

Avoid a DUI this 4th of July

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently announced that law enforcement across the state will be out in full force and “aggressively targeting people” who they believe to be impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Ignition Interlock in Georgia

Repeat DUI offenders in Georgia may be able to regain some independence with an ignition interlock.

DUI’s and St Patrick’s Day Weekend

Drivers in the metro Atlanta area should not depend on the luck of the Irish to get home safely. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and enjoy this St. Patty’s Day.

Real Estate

Top 5 Things To Know Before Co-signing a Lease with your College-Aged Child

You may be under pressure to quickly co-sign a lease, but it’s important to protect yourself and your family from financial harm in the long term.

How a Real Estate Attorney May Help with your Divorce

If your divorce involves the transfer of a house or land in the state of Georgia, you may benefit from consulting with a real estate attorney.

Risks of DIY or Generic Real Estate Contracts

Many Georgia homeowners are resourceful do-it-yourselfers, but DIY and generic real estate contracts can leave you vulnerable to very expensive problems.

Family Law

How Fathers Can Fight for Child Custody

Here are four effective tips on how involved fathers can build a strong case for child custody.

Help! My child is in trouble with the law.

Today, only juveniles who have proven to be a danger to themselves or the community should be placed in a detention center.

What’s a Prenup

Prenups are a good idea for small business owners, couples who have been married before, have children from a previous relationship or have sizable assets.

What are “Compassionate Allowances?”

“Compassionate Allowances” are medical conditions that qualify for special exceptions with the SSDI process.

How to Approach the SSDI Application Process

I have helped many Georgians successfully compile their SSDI applications, and here's a list of 5 things you need when applying for SSDI.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability?

Here are some guidelines about who is eligible for SSDI benefits, and how we can help.