What Are My Money Damages?
Can I get compensation for lost wages? Who pays for my medical expenses? I have a permanent injury from an accident, what should I do?

Mediation - An Easy And Cost Effective Alternative To Litigation
Can a mediator impose a solution for a dispute? What types of disputes are good for mediation? Want to resolve a dispute without going to court?

What Are Some Common Mistakes That Could Hurt My Case?
If I am in an auto accident, what happens if I say "I have no injuries", but later I need medical treatment? Is it a mistake to wait months after the auto wreck before getting an attorney? What if I have gaps in my medical treatment?

What Are The Legal Limits Regarding Alcohol In Georgia?
What is the blood alcohol concentration for Georgia? Can the state of Georgia attempt to convict a driver who may be drinking, but does not have a BAC on .08? What are the two ways for you to be convicted for DUI in Georgia?

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In Georgia?
What is no fault divorce in Georgia? Is Adultery grounds for divorce? My spouse is constantly using illegal drugs, is that a reason for divorce?

Georgia DUI Sentencing Requirements (Effective July 1, 2001)
Does Georgia DUI laws provide for a first offenders treatment? How much of a fine is my 2nd DUI in Georgia going to cost? How much jail time am I looking at for a DUI? Will I have to do community service?

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